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For those of you still following me: here is a new blog where I’ll be putting up my work.


Title: Unsatisfied Artist: The Replacements 829 plays


Everything goes

Well, anything goes all of the time

Everything you dream of

Is right in front of you

one of the most tender moments i’ve ever seen in a film. and the ghost train scene. 

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Ingmar Bergman inspecting a back projection screen at the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm for his play “The Images Makers”. 1998 (via)


Hercules fighting Achelous
Francoise-Joseph Bosio, 1824
Musée du Louvre, Paris

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Freshly shaved alpacas are seen at Alpaca-Land farm, in Goeming in the Austrian province of Salzburg. Picture: Kerstin Joensson/AP

Top right: If I was an alpaca, he’s my man.

i look like a freshly shaven alpaca after a hair cut.

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challenge accepted

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it’s 22.38, my essay is due tomorrow, i’ve just worked an 8 hour shift, i have no words in my word document, i haven’t even read all of the epic prose i’m meant to.

who’s the stupid

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